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Karneval den Kulturen

Posted by Egonne Roth on May 21, 2018 at 7:35 AM

“The Carnival of Cultures (KdK) is a city festival that reflects the diversity of Berlin. Since 1996 the Carnival of the Cultures has been held annually: a four-day free festival in the center of Berlin.”

I wanted to meet some friends yesterday but they were busy.  “We’re going to the “Karneval den Kulturen”, my friend texted me and shortly afterwards followed with a photograph –


I grabbed my camera and rushed for the bus and then onto the U7 train. It was full! At Mehringdamm station there was an announcement and the train did not stop – we could see hundreds of people jostling on the platform. As we tried to exit the station at Gneisenaustrasse U-bahn, the noise was deafening. I nearly retreated and caught the next train home, but my curiosity won and I fought my way out into the beautiful late spring afternoon.


The first float that came past was of some African tradition – the source of the load music – but in itself, it was a bit disappointing.




                                                     He was stunning and I managed to catch him several times.


                                                 Whoever was selling unicorn balloons did well - they kept reappering all afternoon.


                    The video that went with this photogragh has not wanted to be uploaded - it just refused! Maybe to spare your hearing!


                             I never quite caught onto what cultures the floats repesented, but I love the "ampleman" and so here he is.


        It really was wall-to-wall people and who was inside and who was outside ropes, I also did not understand but moved back and forth.


I continued photographing but soon realised that the most interesting images came from the crowds.







The faces were the reflections of the multiculturalism of Berlin, not the floats, and nobody seemed to mind a camera pointed at them. There were surpringly few kids but I managed to catch a couple of cuties!


After about an hour and over 300 pics, I was hungry and bought a falafel that tasted of Israel – the most delicious I’ve had in Berlin.


                          I was a happy. Somehow, I did not get to the meat stand which looked and smelt great.


Beer did not apeal to me given the situations. So I slowly made my way back to the station trying not to step into the endless amounts of broken glass strewn over every surface in the area.


I wondered what cleaning up will cost the city of Berlin, but given that most beer bottles  can be returned for money, I reckon they will recoupe some of their expenses.  As I left, more floats were going past in the warm late afternoon sun creating beautiful colours.






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