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Over the past years my partner and I have been privileged to travel and visit exceptional places, meet fascinating people and live through unusual experiences. We live and work in the most disputed country in the world. Life is a daily adventure amidst the passion and conflict that is the Middle East, amidst the ruins of the Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders, the Ottoman Empire and the sophisticated hi-tech that is modern Israel.

Now we want to share some of these adventures with you. Through this website we want to make you aware of what can happen when you leave your comfort zones, trust and take calculated risks, dare to dream big and follow those dreams. Life is for living – as our dear friend Dora used to say: you’re dead for a long time!

 Except on rare occasions all the photographs on this website will have been taken by us. We are not always sure after the event who pressed the trigger – we debate and argue angles, lighting and especially YB experiments with technicalities. Both of us like playing with Coral Draw, manipulating images and creating new ones.

We both use CANON cameras and between us own

  • Canon Power Shot SX 530hs
  • Canon Power Shot SX 30 IS
  • Olympus OM1 which is still hidden in the cupboard.

Nowadays, as we grow older and weight has become an issue, the Canon Power Shot is often our camera of choice.

Photographs will be added to the website in a relatively small format so that the site loads easily and faster.


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