Egonne Roth



ER was born in the shadow of Table Mountain  on the southern tip of the African continent on 26th April 1954. She grew up and was educated in Worcester, Cape Town and Stellenbosch, graduating in December 1974 with a BA in Social Work. A 25-year marriage produced three delightfully special human beings, much joy and some sorrow. The new millennium brought new courage, a new life in a new country, a new life style with a new partner.

YB comes from the Rhine Valley on the flatlands between Speyer to the west and Heidelberg to the east. Her education started in the small village of Oberhausen-Rhinehausen, continued in the Humanistise Gymnasium in Bruchsahl and culminated at the old university of Freiburg in the Black Forest. Guided by the desire to make a difference in people’s lives, she immigrated to Israel in 1984 and has been true to her goals and dreams bringing practical help and joy to many whose paths have crossed hers.

Together we hope to continue to contribute to the lives of those with whom we come in contact. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is easy, often it is not but always it is the challenge that dares us to go on.

Some of this will be reflected and explored here but some of it is best left hidden in our memories. All of it is presented as honestly and openly as we dare and know how.

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